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O MY GOSH! What can I say…on June 27th my mother, father and I went to the Fancy Food Show in NYC at the Jacob Javits Center.  Thanks to my dad owning a health food store we got tickets (thanks mommy and daddy, you guys rock)  It was a huge convention center filled with the most amazing cheeses (AHHH my FAVORITE!), olives, cookies, candies, cakes, teas, coffees, seafood, wine, you name it and it was there.  This was my first time at a show like this.  I was not shy at all when it came to tasting all the delicious products.  I had so many different cheese that they all started to taste the same and I was stuffed beyond any stuffed in the past (think Thanksgiving times a MILLION!) I got so many ideas from the show and I cannot wait for the next one.  I even made a friend Steve,  he  is the central regional sales manager at SweetWorks the candy company responsible for Sixlets, and Bubble King and those yummy sweet tart/nerd like candies.  When we left he gave me 2 huge bags of candy since at the end of the show they throw out all the left over candy, which is a total waste.  We came home from the show with 3 re-usable tote bags filled with goodies, it was like Halloween for foodies!  Below are some pics I took, pictures were not allowed, so I am sorry there  are not more.  Enjoy!

This is me with the tiniest cutest fork and plate a company was giving samples with.

This was only one small section of the cheese heaven!

This was a delicious Korean ice-cream treat made with vanilla and red bean.

All my yumerific treats! Best day ever!!!


Last week the ladies at work had me bake and decorated cookies for 2 co workers birthdays.  This was my first attempt with royal icing cookie decorating.  I found it to be a lot of fun and the cookies were super tasty.  Stay tuned for more cookie adventures and recipes!

Not too shabby if I may say so myself!

As a present for running my very first half marathon (May 29th, 2010) my mother got me a Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS training watch.  I have wanted one of those bad boys for a while now.   It comes with a heart rate sensor band to keep track of your heart rate, it tracks miles, time, pace, calories burned and a whole bunch of other fancy things I have yet to figure out.  I am still learning how to use this watch, but I just know it will help me improve my running.  The only tiny issue with this watch is its MASSIVE size! I have little girlie wrist and this watch is a beast.  That will take some getting used to but thats ok because the watch is so cool.

picture from the Garmin web site...go check it out!

In other running news with me.  I have been in a real slump.  Since the half I did I have not really ran that much.  It was time for some motivation in the form of new running shirts!! Yippee.  Nothing gets me going like new run gear.  So now that I am fully armed with some sweet wicking sleeveless shirts I promise to run more.  Plus I have to keep figuring out that spiffy watch I have.

Hi again!

So I am back and my mixer is still running.  So since I started this whole blog thing I have been reading LOTS of other peoples blogs.  There are so many talented people out there! A shout out to some of my fellow blog buddies is over on the side there…go on check it out. But make sure you come back! Well I came across this wonderful recipe for cowgirl cookies from here.  These inspired me to make my own version.  I  am calling my cookies Craisin for Cookies.  Now when I went to go make the cookies I realized after I had all the other ingredients in the bowl that I did not  have any baking powder…umm who needs that anyway?!  Turns out these cookies really did not need it and they were soft, chewy and delicious.  How do I know they are delicious you ask? Well papa bear HATES pretty much anything healthy and since these had  Craisins, which were covered in chocolate (I know… NOT even healthy!) he decided he did not like them before he took one bite.  I forced him to try half a cookie and well,  he ate about 3 more! I guess he likes them after all.

Craisin for Cookies

Me love cookie!

Pre heat over to 350 degrees

1 1/3 cup all purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 cup cooking oats
3/4 chocolate covered Craisins
3/4 cup mini chocolate chips
1/2 cup brown sugar, packed
1/2 cup white sugar
1/3 – 1/2 cup chopped walnuts

Stir all the dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl.

Then mix in 1 teaspoon of vanilla, 1 lightly beaten egg, and 1 stick of slightly melted butter. I started with a spoon then switched to the best kitchen tool, my nice clean hands.  Once everything is incorporated roll dough into 1 inch balls  and place on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper.  Pop them in the over for 10-12 minutes depending on your over.  Let cool and enjoy!

Hello loyal readers.  This is my first post and to get started I will be talking about my very dear friend the VINTAGE 1980 Oster Regency Mixer Blender Kitchen Center

Here she is! My vintage mixer

Yes, thats right, I do all my baking with a 1980 stand mixer that I am pretty sure my mother got second hand some 20 years ago.  How that thing still runs is beyond me!  It gets the job done but I am longing for a KitchenAid stand mixer…the $899.00 one to be exact, limited edition copper.

Ahhh what a beauty

I often visit her at Williams Sonoma and give her a gentle caress to show my love for her.  I do not think I will be getting this beauty anytime soon, however, papa bear did say that if I baked so much that the good old Oster broke he would purchase me a KitchenAid…hummm do you see where I am going with this.  I will try my hardest to bake as much yummy treats as I can to get a new mixer.   So far it still runs like a charm and to be honest, I bet it will run that way for a while, so It looks like I have some serious baking to do.  I will keep you posted.

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